The Long Road Home

Love to travel, hate to pack. Did I say hate? I meant loathe.  It seemed an insurmountable task to tuck away four weeks of life back into two suitcases, one duffel bag and a purse that can hold a small third work country.My roommate laughed when she saw the roll your clothes technique I employed to ensure everything fit.  (Insert dental nerd joke — she said it like doing the PAT — perceptual ability test that is on the DAT.)
After lots of squishing, rearranging and praying, I finally managed to get all my stuff consolidated.
I had a few last minute errands to run before having to catch a cab at 11:00 am to make our 1:42 pm flight back to Atlanta.  Me and Maggs walked back to the Chicago Public Library to drop our books off and I stopped into a McDonald’s to pick some coffee up for my roomie.  The one I darted into had all the 1996 Atlanta Olympics memorabilia proudly on display.  I felt like I went four weeks with only seeing two or three Georgia shirts and then to walk into a restaurant with lots of decor paying homage to the best state ever…

Throw back to the 1996 Olympics

It seemed fitting to me that on the day I leave for Atlanta that I get all these wonderful reminders of home.
Before leaving the dorms, I finally got my hands on a road bike.  Although clearly i couldn’t ride this bike because I wasn’t dressed for the part and it was too big for me, I enjoyed posing.  Again, another reminder to get me ready to go home!

Bye bye dorm ID card and room key!

I snapped this parting shot on the way to the airport —
En route to the airport, Maggs phone started ringing and a recorded message started playing stating that our flight had been changed to 3:50 pm, two hours later than our original scheduled time.
Love you too, Midway.  Next time it will be O’hare.
The silver lining in the flight delay was that I was able to duck into Harry Carray’s bar to catch the World Cup consolation game — Germany and Uruguay.  Not gonna lie, after going pretty much non-stop for four weeks and packing like a fiend this morning, all I wanted was coffee.  I had planned on sleeping my afternoon away on the plane after eating lunch, but clearly that didn’t happen and exhaustion had started to set in.
Instead a ordering a beer at the bar, you better believe I ordered coffee.  Straight up.  Not on the rocks.  With a twist of milk.  Stirred, not shaken 🙂

Coffee…at an airport bar.

I had sat down next to a Germany fan from Vegas and I was pulling for Uruguay, it made the game more fun to watch.
Before it was all said and done, our plane was delayed another 15 minutes and Uruguay lost 😦
My mom came into the baggage claim area and surprised the heck out of me and Maggs.  After lots of hugging and luggage dragging, we made our way outside to the curb where my dad was waiting for us.

In the words of Dorothy, there is no place like home!

“Whether you turn to right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it.’”
Isaiah 30:21

Southern count -2.

Before the end of the week (the 18th), expect a final update.  And the 4th of July post.  That should accomplish my goal of blogging everyday in Chicago!  For everyone who read, commented, emailed, whatever — thank you so much.  I’ll touch on this more on the final post, but this was easily the biggest adventure, get-out-of-my-comfort zone thing I have ever done.  And I couldn’t have done it without y’all’s support and prayers.

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Final Friday

Look what Kim handed me first thing on Friday morning:

One of the projects that I had worked on was an article about “Women and Dentistry” and this was the final product.
Kim: Here is the latest issue of mouth
Me:  (Opens the journal)  Wow — that picture is HUGE!
Kim: I know, right.
My last lunch break in Chicago was action packed!  Jen and I decided to have a little party at the office for all the externs and the rest of our office.  To represent each one of us, I picked up 2 cookie cakes.  One said “Thank y’all” and the old said “Dziekuje” – Polish for thank you.  Clutching the two cookie cakes, I made my way over to the Watertower Place for another one of their concerts.  Instead of Tyler Hilton and Michael Franti, this time was Kris Allen.  I am not an American Idol fan in the slighest (I have actually never seen an episode), but I love concerts and big crowds.

Kris Allen in concert

I snuck the cakes into the office…

Cakes hiding under my desk

My fabulous roomie was the extern for Scientific Affairs and Research so she presented the results of her Evidence Based Dentistry project which focused on review studies on the effects of gum with xylitol and caries rate.
For those non-dentists – xylitol is a sugar alcohol sweetner that is used to help stave off dental caries (cavities.)  The bacteria in your mouth are unable to fermentate this sugar-substitute to make acid which leads to caries.  I about died laughing in the middle of her presentation which was that perfcct balance of research and fun and saw this slide

Reese's do NOT have xylitol 🙂

Following the presentation, all of us externs gathered one last time in the ASDA office for our last goodbyes.

The Magnificent Seven

Without being too sappy, it was incredibly tough to leave on Friday afternoon.  I loved my experience and already miss the people the I work with.  Everyone works so hard and advocates so well for advancing ASDA and for representing the ever-changing needs of dental students.  Spending four weeks in an office might not seem like the makings for the summer of a lifetime, but I would come back to this extern position in a heartbeat.
Post work, I got a text from Kevin to see if we could meet up for dinner before me and Maggs left Chicago.  The answer was a resounding yes and on my last day when I finally started to feel ready for home, it was perfect to catch up with someone who I have known since my freshman year of college.
Random story — while waiting for Kevin to pick us up (yes he has a car and yes he is brave enough to drive in the city) a man with a video camera approached me and Maggs and asked us if we like the “El.”  Being from the south where public transportation is absymal, naturally we said yes.  He interviewed Maggs for literally a minute while I stood watch waiting for Kev.  Although I didn’t get an interview, I asked the camera man if we could “stage” an interview picture like I was being miked up.  He laughed and agreed to humor me.

Maggs - Chicago movie star

Totally staged. I am totally okay with that.

I can not even tell you how nice it was to be picked up in a car (not a cab — I am working on my aversion to riding in cabs) and listen to the radio.
This song was playing on the radio when we got in the car.  It just reminded me of college as well and thought it was a moment worth remebering.
Kevin had just finished his first week of his third year of med school aka rotations and taking call so we all quickly agreed Mexican and margaritas would be a great way to finish our Friday.

Over an incredible dinner — this place is known for their Mahi Mahi finish tacos and a pitcher of margaritas on the rocks –we caught up on what had been going on since we graduated.  I love it when my friends get the chance to live out their dreams.  Kevin had always said he wanted to be a physican and now he is getting that opportunity.

After Kevin dropped us off (he had to take call tommorrow) we decided to hit up Millieumin park one last time.

sad to be leaving this great city
one last picture in the Bean
Amazing. If you look carefully, you can see the buildings reflecting in the Bean.

I am a little offset to the right of the center.
The auditorium where I did yoga in the morning all lit up at night.
And again.
The diamond is my favorite building in the skyline
Leaving the park
My family refers to this as “pure sass.”

Neither one of us wanted to leave the park that night.  However, Chicago isn’t going anywhere (luckily), just me.  And trust me, I will be back!

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. ”
2 Corinthians 4:16-18)

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Korean BBQ

“It’s the final countdown…”
I felt a cheesy 80’s song was semi-appropriate given all the references I have made to that great decade- Navy Pier and the beach for starters.
One thing that made my morning a little sad was that it was raining. In true Chicago style, I trekked out to brave the elements in the only way I knew how- rain jacket, umbrella (a last minute purchase back in Alabama which was so worth it) and Chacos.

The locals wear rain boots, often the same ones they brave the snow with during their cruel winters. Me -I just wore my sandals and solidered on.

Pausing for a photo before making it to work.  The sandals are what I alluded to the other day in how people manage their commutes via walking.  You just have to pack you work shoes and commute in something functional.

Work flew by today as well.  Two of the girls in communications department took me out to lunch to talk about some of the options I have to stay involved with ASDA nationally when I back home.  Out of all the different departments I had the chance to rotate through, it comes as no surprise I loved communicaitons because it gave me the chance to write.
Growing up, I always had marble covered composition notebooks based on
Amelia’s Notebook. The book fair always signified the time for the YAF or Young Author’s Fair which was one of my favorite things to participate in.  In college, I wrote a few sassy pieces for my college newspaper, The Red and Black and currently have a chance to continue writing for the Academy of General Dentistry as a student columnist.
One of the outings the another one of incredible externs had talked up participating in was going to Korean BBQ restaraunt.  Nicole is Korean and since no one in our group had ever tried this style of eating before, she claimed it was an experience we needed to try, especially with a Korean in tow.  In reading the reviews of the Korean BBQ places in Chicago, the running theme alluded to poor service. Nicole explained that yes, the Koreans can be rude to non-Koreans because they were there to serve their own, especially in terms of food.  Food to them is akin to family and obviously they want to foster family time. Interesting concept.
With 11 people in the town — 6 externs, 4 undergraduates from our hall who wanted to go eat Korean BBQ as well and another one of Nicole’s friends who is researching at the ADA this summer -we set off on the brown line way outside the city to reach San Soo Gab San.

sunset ride to San Soo Gab San

The place

After the sides dishes (which keep getting refilled), you are served rice and finally a broth-based soup.  What made the experience so enjoyable was the people I got to dine with.  My favorite was that Larry was teaching me how to become more efficient with my chopsticks.  Depending on your ethinicity, you hold your chopsticks differently.  He is Chinese and thus he prefers a different technique than someone who is Korean.

mass food chaos

my hall neighbors

You have to cook the meat you order (vegetarians beware!) over hot coals!

to earn your dinner, you have to walk on hot coals....psych!

5 out of the 11 of us who went

We each left the restaurant stuffed!  I would recommend a restaurant like this to anyone!  If you leave hungry, then you did something wrong.

"When the lights go down in the city..." -- the Eagles

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.”
Psalm 43:7

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Tying up loose ends

Day two of our four-day work week.
Only two days left of work.  I am in complete and utter denial.  Combine that with the fact my JUNIOR YEAR of dental school starts in less than 10 days and well, I could get emotional on you.
In true ASDA fashion, we continue to be so well taken care of.  One of the staff has a membership to the exclusive Chicago Yacht club.

The Chicago Yacht club sponsors the Race to Mackanic, which is the oldest freshwater race in the country.  The Yachts will travel 333 miles in a race that takes days to finish.  I had no idea.Anywhere, we got to dine with this in the background:  so we had the chance to lunch with this in the background.
Since our time is so limited, we had to get serious about crossing things off our master to-do list.  Per recommendation from a friend, we took the train out to Chinatown to eat at Happy Chef Dim Sum House.

train riding to China town

While the restaurant isn’t much to look at, the food is to die for and earns its Zagat rating.  Their tea is very authentic, too!

tea sipping

After our fill of Chinese, we ducked into one of their little specialty stores and came across Hello Panda’s — apparently China’s version of Koala Yummies.
2 Fun Facts:
1.  Panda’s were one of my three favorite animals growing up.  The other two in the three-way tie for first?  Manatees and Koala bears.
2.  In elementary school, lunch was always extra incredible when Koala Yummies made a cameo in my lunch box.

Hello Panda's on the redline

Hello Panda's on the redline

Anyway, me and Maggs managed to dodge (for the most part) some rain showers and hopped back on the train to Lincoln Park.  While the city of Chicago is breathtaking, I wish I would have spent a little more time in some of the suburbs of Chicago.  Lincoln Park was where we spent the 4th of July (update coming eventually) with Steve’s friends and I can easily grasp why they love that area so much.  DePaul University is located in the heart of Lincoln Park and many young professionals who commute to the city have taken up residence in that area.  It is exceptionally walkable and filled with parks, restaurants, and bars, giving it an overall vibe that is youthful and fun!

Park area - note the softball game going on in the background

Follow the path a little bit further…

not quite the yellow brick road but you get the idea

And you end up at Sweet Mandy B’s!

Sweet Mandy B’s

This precious bakery and ice cream parlor graced the pages of Magg’s Luxe guide, making it a must on our list to swing by!

1/2 mint chocolate chip and 1/2 coffee chip = bliss

If you didn’t like to eat or try new types of foods, I don’t recommend visiting Chicago.  You say “Chicago” and people start spouting off places to eat.  Try it some time and will get at least two suggestions in about thirty seconds.
The ice cream was incredible and when we were leaving Sweet Mandy B’s, me and Maggs realized that we were near the boy’s apartment who were Steve’s friends that we hung out with for the 4th of July. (I know, I know — I will share about it very soon.)
Their hospitality in treating us like we had been college friends truly made the 4th such a fun day for me and Maggs that we decided to drop some of Sweet Mandy B’s delicious-looking Confetti Cookies.

think the size of a softball

We obviously did not have a number to call and took a chance that none of them might even be home.  Luckily, one of the boys was home and completely taken off guard that a) we would stop by and b) that we came bearing gifts.

John’s exact words?
“No one has ever brought us cookies before.”

And, that ladies and gentlemen is how we roll in the south.

“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”
Hebrews 13:2

Southern count – 3

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It’s like the Jersey Shore of the Midwest…

“It’s like the Jersey Shore of the Midwest…”
-Maggs, circa 11:15 am on July 3, 2010 while running on the North Avenue beach.

To start Saturday off right, me and Maggs went for a run on the Lake Shore Trail, the path that runs parallel to Lake Michigan.
I kid you not went I say this place is like a time wrap. Think of every cheesy albeit awesome 80’s movie when the main character is either roller blading or jogging in spandex down one of those famous California beaches — Venice, Santa Monica, whatever you like. And now remember it is 2010 and instead of blasting Madonna and Journey via boom box and people are rocking out to Ke$ha and Black Eyed Peas with iPods.

And then we saw quite possibly the coolest thing thus far in Chicago.

putting on the for ATH

Another girl was out running wearing this t-shirt, a reference to UGA’s 2007 football season. Love it.
It was when we were about halfway down the beach when Maggs proclaimed, “”It’s like the Jersey Shore of the Midwest…” For real. I wish I could make stuff like up, but sadly I am not that creative. Between the spandex, hair gel, cyclists, runners, roller bladers, steriods and typical semi-trashy beachy restaraunts, you would think you were in Jersey.
Post jog, Maggs and me and our roomies headed to the beach to lay out and people watch.

Cool coincidence. One of my friends from college, Kevin who is a Chicago native now is entering his third year of medical school at Rush. We were able to meet up with Kevin at the beach which is pretty ridcious considering there are literally thousands of beach goers to have to sort through to find anyone. He is doing great and I loved getting the chance to catch up with an old friend 🙂

with Kevin!

For the next couple hours we people watched, read and just enjoyed being outside. I have never in my life been to a beach like this beach where people are literally packed in like sardines. However, that was what made it so fun!

total muscle beach

The night of friends continued after the beach. Our night included meeting up with some of the other externs friends at a bar called Zella.
Zella reminded me so much of Boar’s Head, one of favorite places to go in college. It had an outdoor patio where we just sat and hung out.

group shot at Zella

Other highlights include dancing like how we did at The Loft back in college at a place called The Kerryman.

Dance break at Kerryman

dance party madness

Following Kerryman, Steve insisted we late night and we ended up a late night ice cream at Chicago’s very own Rock and Roll McDonald’s.
“Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s features a central location and a collection of memorabilia from the 1950s and ’60s, including Elvis Presley on the cover of Time magazine, a plaster cast of the Beatles and an authentic 1958 Corvette”
The place was a riot, especially at 3:00 am.  I am NEVER up that late, but it was hilarious being completely sober watching all the rando’s running around McDonalds.  We got unnecessarily yelled at by some drunk Ohio State fans for being supporters of the SEC, one of them who claimed to be a dentist.  Yeah right buddy….
I would classify going there latenight as something one has to do in Chicago.

McDonalds -- now proudly serving with escalators?

Southern count – 3

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Beginning of the End

Tuesday, July 6

“When the daylight breaks through the buildings of Chicago, I will stand alone in the valley of tomorrow…”  –Needtobreathe, Valley of Tomorrow

“when the daylight breaks through the buildings of Chicago…”

Maggs and me started our daylight out with a beautiful jog through the city just as daylight was breaking.  We made it as far as the beach and then turned around to be able to make it to work on time.
This morning flew by as I started my week in Meetings.  Today officially marks the beginning of the end of my last work week in Chicago! After talking with our meetings department, I feel I have such a greater appreciation for every single meeting or convention I have ever attended.  There are so many small details, contracts and phone calls that have to be made in order for an event to go smoothly.
Portillo’s was our lunch destination today — Maggs’s boss took me, her and Steve out to lunch for authentic Chicago beef hot dogs.
One of the waitresses saw me in complete shameless tourist fashion take the above picture and then offered to take one of both of us.  You can see that Portillo’s is a popping lunch spot in the city!


After work, we hit Magnificent Mile to do some errands.  I ran into a handsome stranger who posed with me for a picture while shopping around.
One thing that I still haven’t gotten used to in Chicago is revolving doors.  Seriously, they are everywhere and they are a pain!  Not to mention there is an unspoken etiquette that accompanies using them.
1. Don’t crowd into the  quarter of a the circle with someone you don’t know
2.  Don’t push too fast
3.  Make sure you let the person leaving the circle exit before you try to enter their vacated quarter of the circle

Rule 4? Don’t take pictures of unsuspecting shoppers while in a revolving door

they don't allow photos inside the restaurant...weird.

Trick to walking to work?  Wear comfortable shoes, then change.  I have seen so many stylishly dressed people commuting via foot wearing sneakers.  I love it.
In true Chicago-style weather, the rain started to come down while we were on our way home.  Luckily, we ducked into The House of Blues for a quick dinner, checking off partly one of my trip goals.

Goal: Go to the Hardrock Cafe  or House of Blues (preferably to see someone play).
We may not have accomplished the music, but at least the food as great!  I guess I am kinda starting to feel homesick — we spilt the “Delta Red Beans and Rice with Andouille Sausage and Rosemary Cornbread.”

not my picture, but you get the idea

I admit, red beans and rice is wayyyy more Louisiana style than typical Georgia fare, but nevertheless it reminded me of the south and home even though I am far away.
Miss y’all very very much!

“Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?”  — we can’t even when we are not home 🙂
Psalm 139:7

Southern count – 2

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A Day of Rest

In honor of it being the day after a holiday (aka the 5th of July), we had a day off of work. Me and Maggs kept it low key, running on the beach, grabbing lunch, and then going back up to the beach to soak up the sun. Not gonna lie, I was pretty pumped to be back at the beach. The part of the beach we went to today was wayyyy less populated than the day before and was perfect for finishing up my book, A Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers.
The biggest downside of Chicago beaches is the wind- it literally whips sand everywhere.
Wind + sunscreen = hot mess
In true dorm style, we ate dinner with some of the undergrads on our hall and I am currently blogging from my iPhone since I am still sans computer.
Aside: my Saturday and Sunday updates are coming-I just haven’t been able to upload everything to that awesome (ie not) computer upstairs.

“In that day you will say:
“Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name, make known among the nations what he has done, and proclaim that his name is exalted.”
Isaiah 12:4

Southern count: 1, but it was pretty legit.
The scene- the beach. I am about to fill up my Nalgene at the water fountain and a runner comes up.
Me: Go ahead. This will take a while to fill.
Runner: (drinks his water and looks at me) You aren’t from around here. You are too nice.
Runner exits stage right and I am left amused. People in the Midwest have been so friendly that I am kinda shocked by this admonition, but it makes for a great story 🙂

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The ol’ bait and switch

Friday, July 2
Today was a technology heavy day.
I haven’t mentioned this on the blog at the risk of being depressing, but my computer’s hard drive failed last Friday.  I have been relegated to blogging, email checking and  generally keeping up with the outside world using this solitary computer in my dorm.

the Mac

I say that not for pity, but to help paint a picture of what is about to happen.
Because of the impending holiday, we worked only till 12:30 pm today.  This past week at work had been so fun for me, having a chance to work in Chapter Relations.  Most of my week focused on how to reach out to pre-dental students, which is something I am very passionate about.  If if weren’t for the older students in UGA’s pre-dental club to give me guidance, I feel I would have ended up at dental school but my road would have been a lot more difficult.
Anyway, after work I tackled getting my computer fixed.  Over two hours and thankful for my school’s mandated warranty plan, I have a new hard drive en route to me as I type.  Woo hoo.
Not the most exciting way to spend a free day from work, but necessary.  Tired from being on the phone, I proceeded to take three hour nap.  Nope, that’s not a typo – three hours.  Maggs called me around 5:30 (waking me up) to see if wanted to walk with her to the apple store to pick up her new iPhone.  Excited for her, I agree and we set off toward Michigan Avenue, aka the Miracle Mile.  And a miracle really did happen…

me and my new iPhone

I was the one who ended up with an iPhone.  Buh-bye trusty Nokia, hello iPhone.

You can see Michael, the sales associate, laughing at me. I am guessing for these three reasons:
1.  My old phone
2. Because he just figured out me and Maggs are twins
3.  I had no clue how to use an iPhone.  Really.
So how did I end up with that phone?  A technically you might say.  Maggs had pre-ordered this phone a week ago and I had been draggggging my feet on deciding whether I wanted/needed an iPhone.  When we got to the store and after Maggs had spent a good 30 minutes hearing about the iPhone, Michael looks up her information and realizes she isn’t due for an upgrade until next Thursday the 8th.  That left her iPhone up for grabs and the rest is history.
Honestly, it was a total blessing in disguise.  It just made sense.  I am sans computer right now and an iPhone would solve that problem for me instantly.  Financially, it was a tough decision to make but as usual, the Lord has been exceedingly faithful in my finances (because I am fairly frugal) and I have had some extra scholarships come through that I was not counting on.  Not to mention I have a J.O.B. currently — love being a working girl!

first iPhone picture

Later that night us extern girls headed to a roof top (ie 26 stories) bar called The Wit. This picture cracks me up — it totally is reminiscent of a freshman year dorm picture 🙂


view from the top

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K-Dawg and Navy Pier

Look who I ate lunch with today!
My dear friend Kristin from UGA is in Chicago and was able to meet Maggs and I for lunch.  Right near my office is this very modern take on a mall, called Water Tower Place.  My sister is obsessed with her Zagat guide and used this as an opportunity to try out a place called foodlife.
foodlife markets itself as “… an urban dining venue with 14 distinctive kitchens that serve real food made from scratch daily.”
The food was great, the company even better 🙂

lunch with K-Dawg

The rest of the day at the office flew by because at 3:15 we headed out to take an architectural boat tour of the city.  When in DC ages ago, I had the chance to take a bicycle tour of the city, but a bicycle tour pales in comparison soaking up the sun on a chartered boat.  Having no real office experience to base this statement on, but without a doubt, I work for the kindest, most student oriented organization possible.  My boss, along with everyone else perpetually goes above and beyond to ensure that as externs, we are having the most enriching experience during our tenure in Chicago, inside and outside of the office.

From stories of bootleggers to “the Donald,”  Chicago’s architecture is saturated with history.  We learned about the meaning of Chicago’s nicknames — the Second City, the Windy City and about the lore surrounding the great Chicago fire.  Was it really caused by the cow of Patrick and Catherine O’Leary?  The world may never know.

what a crew!

we’re on a boat

Post boat ride, we had the chance to eat dinner at Harry Caray’s Tavern with our bosses and play around Navy Pier!

the classic tourist shot

Apparently this next picture is something the externs take every year…

Think “The Real World” minus all the drama and debauchery.

The next picture, not so much.  I don’t think annually there is a HUGE soccer ball floating around the streets of Navy Pier.   Please note the kid’s face — I kind of “borrowed” it from him.

look at the kid’s face

roomie love. still faithfully carrying my ATLANTA bag

5 forks

5 forks is seriously the only way to go with a Navy Pier funnel cake, unless you want to die an early death.
We stayed on the boardwalk till sunset, hanging out, talking and enjoying each other’s company.  I can’t believe my time in Chicago is drawing to a close so quickly.
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Pslam 19:1

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Mat Kearney @ The Taste

“Meet me in Chicago
Down by the water line…”
-Lyric from Chicago by Mat Kearney

Sounds like a good idea to me, Mat!  Maybe we didn’t meet Mat at the water line, but we still met him at the 2010 Taste of Chicago.  I had the opportunity to see Mat Kearney at a small venue at few months ago with some fabulous friends

Lawn seating for Mat

This time, the concert was a little bit bigger.  One of my favorite parts of the show was when Mat (I act like we are on a first name basis) told a story about how it used to be a dream for him to be the main act at The Taste.  Looks like your dream came true!


the stage with Mat on it

great night to be outside

Another aspect of Mat’s concerts is that he is so…involved.  A veritable one man show (plus his band), he sings, plays guitar, rocks out on piano and even left the stage to walk through the crowd!

look for the trade mark hat -- Mat is loose in the crowd

partners in crime

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Pslam 37:4

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